ProKids Baseball Academy Youth Camps

We teach the FUNDAMENTALS of Baseball each morning in our “small” individual groups separated by age & ability…

Featuring –  “3 Full Days of Skills Training”

Each day begins at 9:AM and ends at 3:PM …including the fundamentals of Pitching, Hitting, Fielding, Catching, Sliding, Fly Balls, Speed & Agility …and more!

Download a camp flyer here.

Note: Each player will be placed into a group which is identified by a certain color wristband. Members of each individual group will be based on age or ability. During the first day it is typical to be placed into a group based solely on age, although a player may be switched from one group to another upon the instructor’s discretion. Teams chosen to scrimmage will be based on ability as well for safety reasons.

Have Fun and Train Like a Pro!

A Typical Camp Day

Morning Instruction:

Stations (30 minutes for each rotation)

  • “Team” Stretch & Warm-Ups (30 min) – Proper Stretch to be game ready
  • “Team” Playing Catch With a Purpose (30 min) – Learning Grip, Rotation & Release
  • Hitting Fundamentals – Small Group Hitting Stations –  Building a Balanced & Powerful Swing
  • Fielding Fundamentals – Small Group – Learning Fielding and footwork from the ground up
  • Pitching/Throwing Fundamentals – Small Group – Learning the Proper Form to throwing with Velocity and Accuracy
  • Speed & Agility’s – Small Group – Learning your “First Step” is your most important! Lots of competition!
  • Cut-Offs & Relays
  • Lead Offs and Stealing
  • Base Running
  • Sliding
  • NOTE: If there is enough interest, I would also bring in a Pro Catcher Coach and create a group!

Afternoon Instruction:

We typically begin afternoon Group Session after lunch:

  • Warm-up & Stretching
  • Dodgeball Session

Lunch is not provided, campers must provide their own lunch.

Additional Instruction:

We will also address the following important items some time during the day

  • Proper Attire for Baseball Player – Dress for success

  • How to handle Failure, Mistakes and Bad Calls Properly

  • How to “pick up” another player after an error or failure

  • Usually Coach will also share a “Life Lesson” story at the end of each day.

Afternoon Games

We ALWAYS End our Day with “Real Baseball” by playing Full Scrimmages!

  • Each day players will be evaluated and separated into 4 teams according to age and ability. “Safety” issues are most important when deciding on teams.
  • There will be two separate games played each afternoon. 6 Inning games
  • Family is welcome to come and watch and take pictures!


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